About us

A Real Estate Company and we are based in Rio Tinto, Gondomar, for twenty years. We are a reputable company, with highly qualified professionals, able to intervene in all areas related to real estate activity.

We have great experience accumulated over these years in this sector, we operate and negotiate the most diverse properties at national level.

We know how to assist you in conducting any property acquisition process.

Leave the bureaucratic processes to us.

The interests of our customers are our interests.

Check our properties with all the convenience, we created this site with you in mind!
We hope our offer will please you and find here the home of your dreams ...

Your house! Thanks for your visit.

Do you want to work with us?

We are recruiting

AMI: 123456789

(+351) 224 808 219

Av. Dr. Domingos Gonçalves de Sá, nº 434, Sala 16
4435 - 213 Rio Tinto

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